On page 1 of The Grand Lodge’s “Public Relations and Media Handbook” we learn of the “GOALS OF PUBLIC RELATIONS”

In the most general terms, the goal of public relations is to establish and maintain a relationship between an organization and its public. As PR Chairperson, you will find that you have a number of methods to help you establish and maintain the Order’s relationship with the public. These methods often involve:

  • Community Relations: enhancing your Lodge or State Association’s position and participation in the community through outreach efforts mutually benefiting your Lodge and the community.
  • Crisis Management: maintaining your relationship with the public and media during a crisis setting.
  • Government Relations: representing your Lodge’s interests and activities to governing bodies and elected officials.
  • Internal Relations: serving as the conduit for information amongst your Lodge’s membership.
  • Media Relations: conducting outreach and responding to the media on behalf of your Lodge.
  • Publicity: furthering your Lodge’s interests through target-media coverage of your Lodge’s messages and events.
  • A mixture of sales, marketing, advertising, and journalism.


Nowhere does that manual mention social media, but in this post “10 Tips for Promoting Grant Projects Through Social Media” from the Elk’s own Community Investment Program, we learn that the B.P.O.E. IS a believer in social networking.


Social Media

Why should we worry about Social Networking or Social Media?  In “the old days,” above and beyond the simple benefits a fraternal organization had on building your circle of friends, being a member of the Elks meant you also had a way to network with business owners and leaders in your community. In fact, it might have been the only way for some to do this. But Social Networking has changed much of that – you no longer have to be part of the Elks or any other organization in order to reach out directly to your mayor and involve him or her in a public discussion on Facebook.  In SECONDS, without having to wait for an introduction.


According to the “Complete History of Social Media: Then And Now,” the first usable social media network named “Six Degrees” became popular in 1997, blogging in 1999 and it wasn’t until 2006 that both Twitter and Facebook entered the scene.  As you can see, social networking is mature – it is no longer some fly-by-night operation, it is here to stay and every organization that cares about building their audience uses some form of it.  These technologies have changed everything and have greatly enhanced communications and our ability to connect with our audiences.


Elks Care, Elks Share!

We want to be part of this movement as well, and to that end we have created profiles on most of the current social-networks – see the table below for the complete list, and join us by Liking or Following us on whichever platforms you use, and use the sharing buttons below to share this article with your friends.


Remember… “social media” doesn’t become “social networking” until you share with your friends.  When you “like,” “follow” or “re-tweet” you are helping these posts to “bubble up” to the top of the heap, since more emphasis is placed on the most popular posts.


And if you haven’t tried any yet, maybe now is the time to dip your toe in and see what it’s like.
Elks Care... Elks Share!
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