UPDATE June 15, 2018: MealTrain link added below.

One of our Elks, Maggie Grabko, needs our help.

In April 2018, Maggie started to have some medical issues; after visits to three different hospitals and specialists, it was determined that she was fighting liver disease, which is also affecting her kidneys. Her current diagnosis is that she needs a full liver transplant.

The Grabkos are both very active members at our lodge. Her husband Shawn is a great cook and helps with preparing food for various functions; the Pig Roast, St Patrick’s Day dinner and helps out with anything to do with preparing food for our events. Shawn and Maggie and their two kids have been big supporters of the Lodge Pool committee.

They are a very nice family and watching this all play out is very difficult to those that know them!

Shawn has setup a GoFundMe page with more details – consider visiting their page and doing what you can to help them with their hospital bills. They also now have a MealTrain page — this helps the Grabko Family with meals till Maggie is home and doing well — please use this resource to sign-up for a dinner to cook/buy for them. Details are at the links below.

A Spaghetti Dinner fundraiser has also been planned, visit our Facebook event for more details.

Please share this story with everyone you know.

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