It’s not readily apparent, but if you have half-a-dozen Elk “friends” on Facebook, you may have seen them “liking” posts by other Elks from other Lodges. You may even have seen them “liking” or “sharing” posts from the BPOE’s Grand Lodge or Elks National Foundation web pages or Facebook pages, but those pages are not very active and certainly don’t have much about local news.

Where else can you go to see what Elks are doing around the country or in your state, without having to Like or Follow each and every lodge?

First, here are the public-facing Facebook pages:

Then the two Closed Groups:

And if you’re in NJ, well then this Closed Group is especially useful to you since the NJ State Elks Association is not on social media yet.

  • I am an Elk from New Jersey: “Hello New Jersey Elks ….. let’s use this group to share news and events that are going on at our lodges, or any other event that we would want fellow Elks to know about especially if it involves Special Children or Veterans. Feel free to share this with other New Jersey Elks.”

In case you’re not already aware, a Facebook “Closed Group” is one where you need to apply for membership. The group moderators will prompt you to answer some questions and may add you after reviewing your responses.

Visit and Like or Follow these pages if you’re inclined and get your Elk-batteries recharged and find inspiration in all the wonderful events that Elks around the country host and participate in. And until the day that these groups drop their closed status enabling ALL people to enjoy the stories… tell all your friends about our good deeds!

For a list of State and Territory Elks resources on the web, visit our page: Elks on the Web — with 150 years of history, over 1,800 lodges and almost a million members nationwide, there’s bound to be interesting stories out there!

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