Have you subscribed to our email list?

Are you still receiving the monthly bulletin by mail, perhaps even frustrated that it doesn’t arrive on time? Do you stop by the bulletin board at the lodge on a regular basis to learn about what’s going on?

It’s not easy to time the delivery of the newsletter as there are a number of people in the chain and finally the US Postal Service can take up to 3 weeks to deliver mail sent at the discounted bulk-rate. And life is busy for today’s families, making it difficult to get down to the Lodge on a regular basis.

Several months ago, we introduced the email mailing list concept to our lodge and have received nothing but praise for the timely delivery. Additionally, last month we started a weekly email that includes that week’s bar specials, bartender schedule and a brief summary of upcoming events.

If you’re interested, please take a moment to signup by sharing your email address and cell-phone number – the information is not shared with anyone, not sold to external parties nor used for any other purpose besides communication with members.

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