Throwback Thursday – “Parade”

Is it too late to share this?

This week the “Throwback Thursday” photo was scoured off the web with Google’s help and is captioned “Memorial Day 2012.” And it was, apparently, our 50th Anniversary! Do you recognize anyone?

Not only do we march on Memorial Day, but we have also got our “NJ State Elks Association parade” coming up in June in Wildwood, NJ – will you be there with us?

Throwback Thursday – “The Picassos”

This week the “Throwback Thursday” photo comes from the archives stored on our Facebook page and is captioned “Bill, Chuck, Danny and Deb are doing a great job to the much improved ceiling. Beautiful improvement! !! Next time you see these four, be sure to THANK THEM!!!” Is there any doubt that Volunteerism is the backbone of this organization? Follow this link to our Committees to learn about our volunteer opportunities.